Silmar, present in the every day life of each one of us

A chemical company of national capital, SILMAR initiated its activities in 1994, in the segment of sealants for metallic packages, developing products of outstanding technical performance through its proprietary technology, acquired in its research and development laboratories.

Counting on professionals that accumulate more than 30 years of experience in the development and technical support areas, SILMAR has innovated with the manufacture of sealants that are compatible with various types of packages, independently of their level of complexity. Moreover, SILMAR team is able to provide technical support to its clients, from the development of the project to the supply of materials to its final accomplishment.

Always aligned with customers and suppliers in the new projects and initiatives, integrating, interacting and stimulating new relationships, SILMAR is not only meeting but also overcoming all expectations through products that, besides being exported throughout Latin America, are part of millions of people’s lives and are found in food cans (tomato extracts, meats, milk cream, pea, etc), coffee, eatable oil, beers, sodas, aerosols, inks, among many other applications.